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Welland Pavilion, Marlbank Road, Welland WR13 6NE

WJFC - Ribbon

On Saturday 15th May 2010

Pavilion open for viewing from 10.00am
Official opening ceremony to take place at 1.30pm

To All Players and Parents:

This is your personal invitation to the Official Opening of the Welland Pavilion on Saturday 15th May 2010. 

The Pavilion will be open for viewing from 10 am onwards and at 12.30 we will be holding our Annual Fun Run.  The Official Opening Ceremony will be at 1.30 pm and refreshments will be available during the day. 

Your attendance at this very special event will be most welcome and all we ask is that parents “Bring A Cake To Celebrate” - this doesn't need to be home-made (but that would be fantastic).

Also iIf you can spare half an hour or so in the kitchen during the day we will be extremely grateful.  Please let me know by e-mail so that I can organise a rota for the morning, the more help we get then the shorter time is spent in the kitchen. 

Email -

Phone - 01684 562872