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WJFC Newsletter


Welland Junior Football Club's Newsletter is a joint incentive involving the Club's web site to help keep you, the parents, informed of developments at your Club.

How it works: Each year the Committee, Managers and Coaches input articles for the Newsletter which is edited and collated by Mark Muschamp. Hundreds of copies are printed and distributed to players and parents.

What sort of news is included: The newsletter is not intended to be a results service or a definitive document of Club rules and regulations. It is intended to inform you all of important club news, fixtures, details of club events and merchandising, plus any important information together with a few fun sections.

If there are any topics that you would like included in the next issue please email and I will pass the information onto the editor.


A PDF copy of the January 2011 newsletter can be downloaded HERE

A PDF copy of the December 2009 newsletter can be downloaded HERE

A PDF copy of the February 2008 newsletter can be downloaded HERE