Club Officials ......

The Club has an elected Management Committee and appointed Team Managers/Coaches for every age group.

Management Committee - Officers

There are 15 clearly designated roles of Officers within the club. The Officers are as follows: President; Chairman; Vice Chairman; Club Secretary ; Honorary Secretary; Registration Secretary(s); Minute Secretary; Treasurer; Webmaster; Senior Manager – Mini Soccer, Fixture/Referee/Pitch Coordinator; Team Manager and 3 roles in relation to the club holding Charter Standard status, which are Soccer Parent, Volunteer Coordinator & Schools Liaison Officer.

The appointment to these positions (with the exception of Team Managers) shall be by election from the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Team Managers will be appointed by the General Committee for each year from U12’s to U18’’s plus as many managers as is appropriate to represent the 5 -11 year old age range, dependent on membership and involvement in Mini Soccer. Each Team Manager can appoint his own Assistant or Joint Manager, with the Committee’s approval.

General Committee

The club shall be controlled by a General Committee of 12 members, plus a Minute Secretary, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Club Secretary, and Treasurer shall comprise 5 of the places on the Committee with the remaining places being made up from Club members so that the Committee as a whole represents a good cross-section of all the playing ages within the club.

In addition to the members so elected to the General Committee, the Committee may also co- opt up to two further members. Such members shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Committee. All members of the General Committee shall by definition be deemed to be Full members of the Club and as such shall be entitled to vote with the exception of the Registration Secretary, Minute Secretary, Webmaster, Honorary Secretary, Fixture/Referee/Pitch Coordinator & Senior Manager – Mini Soccer, which are non-voting positions.

Any vacancy which occurs on the Committee during the season may be filled by the Committee, and the member appointed may hold office until the next Annual General Meeting, at which point he must stand for election to the position if he wishes to continue.

The Committee shall meet on no less than 6 occasions throughout the season to maintain the welfare of the club, at dates agreed by the Club Chairman as he sees fit. The proceedings at such meetings shall be duly recorded by the Minute Secretary. At such meetings of the General Committee 7 members inclusive of the Club Chairman (or Vice Chairman) and Club Secretary shall form a quorum. Decisions taken by the Committee need a simple majority of those voting members present in order to be confirmed.

The General Committee should represent the club at all times when dealing with all official bodies over club matters but all correspondence must be directed through the Club Secretary.

Team Managers (Coaches)

WJFC - PlayersTeam Managers are all volunteers who have stepped forward to provide boys and girls a chance to participate in Junior Football. Managers are usually 'recruited/press ganged' when their sons or daughters join the Club at Under 6 and follow their children through the Club into the Under 16 squad.

The Club has an FA requirement to ensure that all mangers are CRB checked, understanding Child Protection requirements and have attended the FA Level 1 Club Coach course. To achieve this the Club sponsor each volunteer through this training programme. This course is designed to provide a basic introduction to coaching of children up to 16 years of age. There is a balanced mix of practical and theory, including Emergency Aid and Child Protection Modules. An experienced team of FA qualified tutors provides a quality service designed to support candidates through the course ensuring that individual needs are catered for. The course last for 30 hours which includes 2 full days at the weekend.

Full details of the FA Level 1 Club Coach training course can be viewed on the FA web site HERE. If you experience problems with the FA web site then an alternative link to the Worcestershire FA Level 1 Club Coach web site is HERE